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Fwd: Shadow program translation

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Subject: Shadow program translation
Date: Sat, 12 Jun 2004 13:09:12 +0200

The shadow program (not debcon templates) again needs a few
translations. Several of you already did the huge work and reported
bugs which were fixed or will soon be fixed by a NMU.

However, I discovered yesterday that the current contents of the po/
directory does not correspond to the source code.

This was due to a wrong POTFILES.in file in po/which I corrected.

However, this triggered a few fuzzied and unstranslated strings again.

In order to avoid numerous bug reports, please go to

and pick up your language file.....then send it back to me, updated,
without bug report. Do this only if you update in the next 2 weeks,

If you plan updates later, do them via a bug report to be sure they're
recorded properly.

If you plan about *adding* a new translation, please also use the BTS,
but please use the shadow.pot file you'lle find here, as a
reference. Do NOT use the file in the current package : it is slightly

Many thanks to you all for your work on d-i and d-i related


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