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If you have a hardwood floor, times have changed.

Title: Happy Holidays!
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http://www.floorguardian.com/ Mar  2010

If you have a hardwood floor, times have changed.
We offer floor protection.  You have invested serious money in your gym floors and we offer serious protection.  We protect your floor for the damage that tables, chairs and heels can inflict.  Installs in about an hour for most gyms.  Available in 9 decorator colors. Not one of those tacky tarp systems, Floor Guardian rolls are connected using a special reusable Velcro system.  No lifting as with tiles, and none of the tape waste or trip hazards of a tarp.  As an example a  70'x96' gym would have 16 rolls and the storage would be 65' sq, ft. of floor space. 
Floor Guardian will remove 50% of the acoustic signature in your gym or hall.

 We also will take your tarp system as a trade in- We clean them and then donate them to the  Boys and Girls Club.
Turn your Gym or Hall into more than just an athletic space, use it for receptions, rehearsals, recitals, graduations, PTA meetings, fund raisers and registrations. Reduce the need to refinish, while warming and quieting down the room.  Have recess insides on rainy days!  Kids love it.  7 year full warranty. So tough, you can clean it with regular bleach.  Hundreds of schools for the past 20 years have been protecting their floors using Floor Guardian without 1 complaint.  We have the referrals to back it up.  Click here for a free sample and brochure.   Please visit our website or call for more info.

web - http://www.floorguardian.com/   |   Product Sample - Free Sample  |   tel - 206-255-1491

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