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Re: [Martin.Quinson@ens-lyon.fr: Re: ddts report from Wed Aug 29 20:32:47 EDT 2001]

On Fri, Aug 31, 2001 at 11:15:08AM +0200, Martin Quinson wrote:
> I'm an idiot, I repplied to the list.

yes, I repeat it: btw: I don't read this list, please make a CC: ! :-)

> ----- Forwarded message from Martin Quinson <Martin.Quinson@ens-lyon.fr> -----
> > yesterday the server send the first report with all translations from
> > this day to our list. Some translators request this reports. I have
> > only one question: Is this ok?
> Almost. Please CC the translator so that we can know to who we should send
> our review.

first, sorry, I have a error in the script and some description are
send double and some unchanged descriptions. (the first problem is fix

I don't like to public the email address of the translators. You can
copy and past one (or more) translation(s), edit it and send it to the
ddts. The ddts will send this to the translator (like a update

You can see mails like this in http://a.d.o/~grisu/ddts/bts/. The
server send only the Description! (no comments etc.) If you will write
comments to the translator, send this like this:

Description: fdgdfg
Description-fr: fdgdfg
 # you don't understand 'g'! The right translation is 'h'
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