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Traduction des packages Sid


J'ai reçu un mail sur debian-i18n@lists.debain.org.

>The problem is:
>'I' want to translate _all_ package description. Now we (debian) have
>>6000 descriptions in sid/main. This all are > 2.500.000 chars. This
>can't translate one boy. You need a group.

>Now we have >30 german translators, and this group translate the
>descriptions to german. Some make >100 translations in one week,
>others 5 in 4 translation in five weeks. This is all no problem. If
>one have time and feel like to translation, he/she translate one or
>more description.

>You can post on debian-frensh@lists.debian.org (or some other
>debian/linux mailing list with french speaking users) and collect some

Grisu veut démarer les traductions des packages de Sid. 
Y'a-t-il déja quelqu'un qui a déjà commencé à traduire?
Quelqu'un qui veut traduire?
Quelqu'un qui coordonne les traductions de Sid?


ps: j'espère que mes questions ne font pas trop newbie


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