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Finish translator for Debian Reference wanted

Hi all,

I'm the German translator and one of the maintainer of the Debian Reference. 
Currently we try to prepare a version for the Sarge release.  There is 
already a Finish translation, but it is totally outdated!

Who can help?

Debian Reference is the ultimative guide to Debian users (not developers). 
Currently it consists of more than 200 pages.  Nevertheless you can help 
even if you don't want to review the complete book, there are separate 
small chapters consisting of only 4--7 pages, such as chapters related to 
CVS or editors.

Even if you update these small chapters you will help! Please contact me!
Note that you don't have to translate alone! Maybe you can find other 
people, who are willing to help?

The homepage of Debian Reference is located at http://qref.sf.net and 
contains a link to Developer Docs (useful for translators!).

PS: There exists currently no Finish translation of the homepage, do you 
want to help?


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