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Re: Review for "PermitRootLogin without-password" change

Quoting Colin Watson (cjwatson@debian.org):

> I'm considering asking the following via debconf, probably at priority
> high, and would like review of the text before inflicting it on
> translators.

Hey, thanks, Colin, for taking such care.

I, very obviously, see nothing to object or any improvement that could
be suggested to your text. That's indeed expected...;-)

I even doubt that Justin finds Something but we'll see.

With no doubt, you could indeed be an excellent contributor in d-l-e
yourself but, well, I think your skills bring more to many other parts
of Debian....or Ubuntu.

Regards and please receive my best wishes for you and your family.

Now waiting for the call of translation updates and I'm still thinking
about the way to translate "to SSH" into French..:-)

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