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Re: [copyright-format] English proofreading.

Hi Charles,

Charles Plessy wrote:

> here is an update of the English proofreading (attached as a patch).

Looks good to me.

>  - "Another kind of list value has one value per line".  Not straightforward...

Doesn't seem so bad.  How would you propose rewording it?

>  - "the Copyright field for a paragraph covering both file A and file B need
>    contain only:".  Isn't it "needs to contain only" ?

"Need contain only" sounds much better than "needs to contain only" to
my ear, but I was not sure why.  So I ran a quick web search for "he
need not" and found this:


I certainly wouldn't mind rewording this to make life easier for
translators.  Maybe "if file A has ... then the Copyright field ...
only needs to contain" or "... need not contain more than"?

>  - "priority of ors and ands. and has the priority over or."  Looks like an
>    exercise for speech and language therapy ?

Some quotation marks around "or" and "and" might help.  Since starting
a sentence with a lowercase letter is typographically awkward, it
might also be worth adding a few filler words, as in 'The conjunction
"and" has priority over "or".'

Hope that helps,

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