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Re: Bug#626159: ITP: scilab-jims -- Binding the worlds of Scilab and Java

Quoting Sylvestre Ledru (sylvestre@debian.org):

> Description: Binds Java from the Scilab engine

That's still a verb sentence and still has a leading capital..:)

How about "Scilab Java bindings"

(here, the leading capital is OK as this is the official spelling of Scilab

>  JIMS is an effort to allow Scilab programs full access to Java class
>  libraries. This is achieved by interfacing at the native level in both
> Virtual Machines.
>  .
>  From Scilab, JIMS allows the capability to load and manage Java objects
>  from the Scilab interpreter.

"allows the capibility" is too french for being honest..:-). See
http://wiki.debian.org/I18n/SmithDebconfReviewGuidelines for what is
allowed after "allow"....

>  .
>  Thanks to this module, Scilab can access to complex and advanced Java
> objects
>  with Scilab classical data types.

I suspect that "thanks to this module" can be improved.

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