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#588510: rename thin-client-server profile

Hi debian-l10n-english people :)

I've got an english wording question, where you maybe can help Debian Edu to 
find a good choice.

In the past, Debian Edu offered four types of profiles to install: 
main-server, thin-client-server, workstation and standalone. The world was 
easy and the world was good.

(These profiles and their names are shown during installation and used 
throughout our manual, so they are quite visible.)

And then the world became better and we got a problem: the former 
thin-client-server was suddenly also able to serve (diskless) workstations, 
as the underlying technology, LTSP (Linux Terminal Server Project), grew to 
support that.

(In case you dont know: a thin-client is a machine running a local X server, 
with its root filesystem mounted from the thin-client-server and all the apps 
running on the thin-client server. The thin-client is merely a display so to 
say. OTOH a diskless workstation also mounts its file system from the LTSP 
server, but all apps run locally on the workstation.)

So we want to rename the thin-client-server profile, to make it obvious that 
not only thin-clients are supported, but also diskless workstations (and also 
other types, like localapps-thin-clients, where only some apps run 

So we need a new name. ltsp-server is not a good one, because the technology 
used could change again tomorrow. (In fact, since a few days these servers 
_also_ allow access via remote desktop, a totally different technology.)

So, my current proposals for a new name are:

- GUI server
- desktop server
- console server

Other, better suggestions? 

cheers & thanks for your time,

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