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RFR: bugzilla3

Please review the following bugzilla3 Debconf template.
Thank you for you advice!

Template: bugzilla3/pwd_check
Type: password
_Description: Password confirmation:

Template: bugzilla3/bugzilla_admin_name
Type: string
_Description: Email address of Bugzilla administrator:
 Please enter the email address of the Bugzilla administrator; all mail for
 the administrator will be sent to this address. This email
 address is also used as the administrator login for Bugzilla.
 A valid address must contain exactly one '@', and at least one '.' after
 the @. You'll be able to change this setting through Bugzilla's
 web interface.

Template: bugzilla3/bugzilla_admin_real_name
Type: string
_Description: Real name of Bugzilla administrator:

Template: bugzilla3/bugzilla_admin_pwd
Type: password
_Description: Password for the Bugzilla administrator account:
 Please enter at least 6 characters.

Template: bugzilla3/customized_values
Type: boolean
Default: true
_Description: Have Status or Resolution values been customized?
 If values in the Status or Resolution fields have been customized, the
 checksetup procedure must be modified appropriately before installation
 can continue.
 For each update of this package, a new version of the checksetup_nondebian.pl
 script is installed; the /usr/share/bugzilla3/debian/pre-checksetup.d
 directory can be used to automatically apply your modifications before

Template: bugzilla3/customized_values_ask_again
Type: boolean
Default: false
_Description: Prompt about customized Status/Resolution at each update?
 If you modified Status/Resolution fields and created a script within
 /usr/share/bugzilla3/debian/pre-checksetup.d to apply changes to
 /usr/share/bugzilla3/lib/checksetup_nondebian.pl, you may want to avoid
 being prompted at each package upgrade.
 If you accept being prompted, you will have to call
 /usr/share/bugzilla3/lib/checksetup.pl yourself, at each package
 upgrade, before using Bugzilla.
 If you did not modify Status/Resolution, you should skip prompting as
 checksetup.pl will be started
 automatically (together with the {pre,post}-checksetup.d scripts).

Template: bugzilla3/checksetup_failed
Type: note
_Description: Setup of Bugzilla failed and needs further investigation
 Bugzilla has the "shutdownhtml" configuration parameter set, putting
 it offline (with logins disabled) until configured.
 To set up Bugzilla, run "dpkg-reconfigure bugzilla3" (as root) and
 choose "dbconfig-config".

Template: bugzilla3/shutdownhtml
Type: string
Default: <h1>Bugzilla is down for maintenance purposes. Please try
again later.</h1>
_Description: Bugzilla downtime message:
 Please enter the HTML downtime message that should be displayed
 while Bugzilla is being reconfigured.

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