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[TAF] templates://shorewall-common/{shorewall-common.templates}

The shorewall-common package introduced new or modified debconf
templates. This is the perfect moment for a review to help the package
maintainer following the general suggested writing style and track
down typos and errors in the use of English language.

If someone wants to pick up this review, please answer to this mail,
in the mailing list, with an [ITR] (Intent To Review) label.

The templates file is attached.

To propose the file you reviewed for peer review, please send a [RFR]
(Request For Review) mail with the reviewed file attached...then a few
days later, when no more contributions come, a summary mail with a
[LCFC] (Last Chance For Comments) label.

Finally, after no more comments coming to the LCFC mail, you can send
the reviewed templates file as a bug report against the package.

Then, please notify the list with a last mail using a [BTS] label
with the bug number.

Helping the package maintainer to deal with induced translation
updates at that moment will be nice. If you're not comfortable with
that part of the process, please hand it off to a translator.


Template: shorewall-common/dont_restart
Type: note
_Description: Shorewall won't be restarted automatically
 This will prevent network blackout due to changes in configuration files.
 Check your configuration and then restart Shorewall issuing:
         invoke-rc.d shorewall restart
         /etc/init.d/shorewall restart

Template: shorewall-common/major_release
Type: boolean
_Description: Do you want to restart Shorewall right now? 
 This is a major release of Shorewall that introduces some changes in the
 configuration files. You have to check carefully your configuration before
 restarting your firewall to avoid failures and network blackout. The changes
 are listed in /usr/share/doc/shorewall/releasenotes.txt.gz.

Source: shorewall-common
Section: net
Priority: optional
Maintainer: Roberto C. Sanchez <roberto@connexer.com>
Homepage: http://www.shorewall.net
Build-Depends: debhelper (>> 5), dpatch, po-debconf
Standards-Version: 3.7.2
Vcs-Browser: http://shorewall.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/shorewall/
Vcs-Svn: https://shorewall.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/shorewall/

Package: shorewall-common
Architecture: all
Depends: iptables (>= 1.2.7a), iproute, debconf | debconf-2.0
Suggests: shorewall-doc, linux-image, make
Conflicts: ipmasq, knetfilter, firewall-easy, filtergen, uif, webmin-firewall, ipmenu, gnome-lokkit, guarddog, guidedog, ferm
Replaces: shorewall
Description: Shoreline Firewall, netfilter configurator (common files)
 Shorewall allows you to describe your firewall/gateway requirements
 using entries in a set of configuration files. It reads those
 configuration files and, with the help of the iptables utility,
 configures Netfilter to match your requirements.
 Shorewall supports a wide range of router/firewall/gateway applications,
 traffic shaping and almost every type of VPN.
 This package contains files needed by both the perl-based and
 shell-based compilers.

Package: shorewall
Architecture: all
Depends: shorewall-shell
Description: Shoreline Firewall (transitional package)
 This package is simply to facilitate the transition to shorewall-shell.
 You may remove it at your convenience.

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