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[LCFC] templates://no-ip/{templates}

This is the last call for comments for the review of debconf
templates for no-ip.

The reviewed templates will be sent on Monday, November 19, 2007 to the package
maintainer as a bug report and a mail will be sent to this list with
"[BTS]" as a subject tag.


# These templates have been reviewed by the debian-l10n-english
# team
# If modifications/additions/rewording are needed, please ask
# debian-l10n-english@lists.debian.org for advice.
# Even minor modifications require translation updates and such
# changes should be coordinated with translators and reviewers.

Template: noip2/username
Type: string
_Description: No-IP.com user name:
 Please enter your No-IP.com account user name (usually your email address).

Template: noip2/password
Type: password
_Description: No-IP.com password:
 Please enter your No-IP.com account password.

Template: noip2/updating
Type: string
Default: 30
_Description: Update interval (in minutes):
 Please enter the updating frequency (in minutes) the noip2 client
 should use to refresh the record of your IP address.

Template: noip2/matchlist
Type: string
_Description: List of hosts or groups:
 Please specify a comma- or space-separated list of hosts or groups to update.
 If you leave this field empty, all hosts and groups listed in your No-IP.com
 account will be updated.

Template: noip2/netdevice
Type: string
_Description: Network device name:
 Please specify the name of the network device connected to the
 Internet (typically ethX or pppX, where X is a number).
 This field may be left empty if this host has a single network interface.

Template: noip2/forcenatoff
Type: boolean
Default: false
_Description: Disable Network Address Translation (NAT)?
 Please specify whether noip2 should not attempt to detect the
 external IP address of this computer.
 If in doubt, you should leave the default choice.
Source: no-ip
Section: net
Priority: optional
Maintainer: Otavio Salvador <otavio@debian.org>
Uploaders: Andres Mejia <mcitadel@gmail.com>
Build-Depends: debhelper (>= 5), po-debconf, quilt
Standards-Version: 3.7.2
XS-Vcs-Git: git://git.debian.org/git/collab-maint/no-ip.git
XS-Vcs-Browser: http://git.debian.org/?p=collab-maint/no-ip.git
Homepage: http://www.no-ip.com

Package: noip2
Replaces: no-ip
Provides: no-ip
Architecture: any
Depends: ${shlibs:Depends}, ${misc:Depends}
Description: client for dynamic DNS service
 This package provides the No-IP.com Dynamic DNS update client.
 When configured correctly, the client will check the local IP address at a
 given time interval. If it
 has changed, the client will notify No-IP.com DNS servers and update the
 IP address for your No-IP/No-IP+ host name.

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