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Re: Peклaма дoлжнa быть эффeктивной (verification)


I'm deeply sorry for having to put you through this, but it's come to the point even the miss ratio of my anti-spam leaves more spam than valid e-mails in my mailbox. I ask you to click on the link below for your e-mail address to be validated.


If you need to contact me without this system, please try dcsobral@gmail.com or dcsobral@hotmail.com. If you received this message while e-mail a mailing list not hosted at YahooGroups, PLEASE notify me on one of these two e-mail addresses. YahooGroups does not identify the e-mail they send in a way that let me accept it automatically, unfortunately.

I'm really sorry for the inconvenience, but you will only need to do this once, your verification will permanently add you to my address book.


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