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Bug#584583: initramfs-tools: configure_networking function: repeatedly makes DHCP requests

Package: initramfs-tools
Version: 0.95.1
Severity: normal

i've been testing the newest initramfs-tools network booting support, though it
seems to make 10 DHCP requests in rapid sucession. fortunately, the last DHCP
request does work. switching back to hard-coded DEVICE=eth0 in
/etc/initramfs-tools/initramfs.conf doesn't trigger this issue, oddly enough.

it think something in the following code is the issue:

    for ROUNDTTT in 2 3 4 6 9 16 25 36 64 100; do

        # The NIC is to be configured if this file does not exist.
        # Ip-Config tries to create this file and when it succeds
        # creating the file, ipconfig is not run again.
        if [ -e /tmp/net-"${DEVICE}".conf ]; then

        case ${IP} in
            # Do nothing
            # Bring up device
            ipconfig -t ${ROUNDTTT} "${DEVICE}"
            ipconfig -t ${ROUNDTTT} -c ${IP} -d "${DEVICE}"
            ipconfig -t ${ROUNDTTT} -d $IP

it loops through all of the ROUNDTTT's in 1 second, which doesn't seem like the
intended behavior.

so either "ipconfig -t" is broken, or initramfs-tools is expecting the wrong
behavior from ipconfig.

an alternate possibility is that i've been testing with qemu and qemu-kvm,
which may have strange timing issues. i will attempt to test with real hardware
and follow up with that...

live well,

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