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Bug#516374: Soft-lockup bugs ('INFO: task * blocked for more than 120 seconds')

Bug #516374 <http://bugs.debian.org/516374> has now been closed.  This
was done on the assumption that a newer version of the Xen patch fixes
it, but since most of you reported problems on non-Xen systems this
cannot be true!

However, this bug report was becoming useless because it referred to a
symptom (the soft-lockup warning 'INFO: task * blocked for more than 120
seconds') which indicates only a type of bug.  You have probably
experienced several different bugs and they must be dealt with

If you are still seeing soft-lockups under kernel version
2.6.26-21lenny4 (except Xen-specific packages), 2.6.32-9 or 2.6.32-10
then please use reportbug to submit a new bug report.  This must include
a kernel log leading up to the soft-lockup, and a list of the modules
loaded at the time.


Ben Hutchings
If you seem to know what you are doing, you'll be given more to do.

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