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Bug#570364: Output LVDS gone on Intel Mobile 915GM

On Thu, 2010-02-18 at 12:31 +0100, Stefan Ott wrote:
> Package: linux-2.6
> Version: 2.6.32-5
> Severity: important
> It seems some changes happened between the 2.6.30-2-686 and the
> 2.6.32-trunk-686 kernel images that are causing the LVDS output on my ASUS R2H
> UMPC (Intel Mobile 915GM) to no-longer show up (you'll find dmesg output from
> both kernel versions attached). Since the external VGA output and the internal
> LCD screen cannot run at the same resolution (the internal screen uses 800x640,
> the VGA output does not support that resolution and the LCD doesn't support
> any of the 'normal' resolutions) this effectively renders the LCD screen
> unusable.

Please test the current version, 2.6.32-8, which has many fixes for the
i915 video driver.


Ben Hutchings
Once a job is fouled up, anything done to improve it makes it worse.

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