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Bug#375194: Can you test 2.6.18-rc7 ...

Sven Luther wrote:
> > Begin: Waiting for root filesystem... ...
> > 
> > Then displays a message that it cannot load i8042.ko and drops me to a
> > Busybox (initramfs) shell.  Anyway, I thank both of you, there seems
> > to be a progress.  I'll test whatever you say to help you fix it.
> Mmm, there is no reason why it should try to load i8042 on your gossamer pmac,
> which has no such hardware.
> Can you please reopen a new bug report about this against initramfs-tools ?
> Preferably with the serial log ? 

I will certainly file a bug, if you could be so kind to tell me what
do you mean by "serial log"?  I searched for a specific log but
couldn't find one.  If what you mean is to retype the error messsages
that appear on the console, I'll do that, of course.

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