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Bug#363437: initramfs-tools: [S/390] dasd hook script being run twice causes error

hello fjp,

thanks for your info.

On Wed, 19 Apr 2006, Frans Pop wrote:

> I've reported this before, but now I've traced it...
> During kernel upgrade on S/390 I see this error:
>  ln: creating symbolic link `/tmp/mkinitramfs_laxXYw//etc/modprobe.d/dasd'
>  to `/tmp/initramfs_dasd': File exists
> The attached trace (which cost me quite a lot of pain to obtain because it 
> looks like 'set -x' gets unset in the cause of running mkinitramfs...) 
> shows that this is because the script /etc/mkinitramfs/hooks/dasd gets 
> executed twice.

can you please attach that hook to the report?


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