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Bug#362056: More board combinations tested

	If the target machine is configured with two identical 3C905B

eth0 gets assigned to IRQ 11 and shared with uhci_hcd:usb1.
eth1 gets assigned to IRQ 10 and shared with cs46xx.

	With two 3C509B boards installed and configured, the kernel can also
assign an IRQ to one ISA-PNP board.  An SMC-ultra gets assigned to IRQ 5.

	All three of these boards come up properly, and communicate.

	But, if there is a PCI Tulip board installed, its driver module is
loaded automatically at boot time after 3c59x.  Then, the command
		ifconfig eth2
causes the machine to freeze instantly.  No error messages are available. 
This happens whether the ISA board is plugged in or not.
	There's nothing wrong with the Tulip board.  It works on other

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