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Bug#340508: missing modules on s390/s390x

severity 340508 minor
retitle 340508 unclean initramfs generation on s390

On Thu, 16 Mar 2006, Frans Pop wrote:

> I've just upgraded to latest versions and see the following (harmless) 
> error during upgrade:
> Setting up udev (0.087-2) ...
> Installing new version of config file /etc/udev/persistent.rules ...
> ln: creating symbolic link `/tmp/mkinitramfs_lsxTkx//etc/modprobe.d/dasd' 
> to `/tmp/initramfs_dasd': File exists
> Setting up initramfs-tools (0.55b) ...
> ln: creating symbolic link `/tmp/mkinitramfs_kRtv8k//etc/modprobe.d/dasd' 
> to `/tmp/initramfs_dasd': File exists

ok, never seen that on another arch,
hmm will chase that another day.
> Also, is it really necessary to generate the initrd two times? Hope this 
> will be resolved in the future...

yes it is necessary,
we want peoples to test latest udev in their initramfs-tools.
that way you clearly can say newer udev or whatever hook broke booting
instead of having to narrow down that later when you get a newer
> I also noticed that after the installation a file /tmp/initramfs_dasd is 
> left on the system. It would probably be a good idea to use a real 
> tempfile for this (and to clean up after it is no longer needed).

seems a consequence of aboves unclean generation.
> The system rebooted OK using the 2.6 kernel: disks (both root and other 
> partitions) were mounted OK :-)

that's really good news, thanks a lot for your testing!!!
<snipp network interface troubles that have no initramfs-tools link>


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