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Re: removal of svenl from the project

#include <hallo.h>
* Rthoreau@midsouth.rr.com [Wed, Mar 15 2006, 01:32:41PM]:

> I have no dog in this fight, and I do not take sides, but Debian 
> needs good developers it seems that some developers want to drive 
> as many people out of Debian as possible. At this rate Debian will 
> cease to be revelant, just look at all the unmaintained packages 
> that are orphaned, look at other distro's like Ubuntu, it seems 
> that Debian and desktop are not viable anymore.

Sounds like you distribute some propaganda, myths spreaded by hardcore
Ubuntu fans (or trolls).  Do you realize that Ubuntu is just a regular
Snapshot of Debian Sid plus some usability sugar?

Or do you realize that Ubuntu has a COC regulating destructive behaviour
of developers, while Debian does not? Read: they do already make sure
that people do not destruct the atmosphere of trust.  So it is okay for
Ubuntu to take care of that but not for Debian? Sounds like a
discrepancy in your judgement.

> Why can't people agree to disagree, it happens, after all I thought 
> it was all about the code, not about which person can be the alpha 
> male on the top of the hill type of thing. I see it if a person 
> writes good code, and has good ideas is helpful in general, then it 
> would be in a projects best interest to keep those people. 

We are volunteers and we need motivation to _do_ things. It is not just
about writting code, donating it to some institution and go away. You
expect something in return, either money or some kind of credit (or
both, ideally ;-). And what you do not need is somebody driving your
blood presure to dangerous levels.


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