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Two questions: NVIDIA driver and Nepomuk priority.

Hi list.
First about the Nepomuk priority. I have an old single-core Athlon XP and although Xfce is more in line with these specs and works better, KDE still works fine here (I have a hand-picked KDE installation).
I've recently upgraded from 4.6.5 to 4.7.4 from experimental. I read Nepomuk has been improved to be much faster but with my specs what happens is that whenever it's active the desktop literally freezes as it takes all the CPU for it (and that includes a few moments just after every login or whenever a new file is created).
So I could disable it but I thought instead of just giving it a low CPU priority.
I noticed when it's running that the active processes are virtuoso-t and nepomukservices being virtuoso-t the one that takes all the CPU.
I've never used the nice command but I'm thinking of using it to give virtuoso-t less priority.
Just saying in case anyone has a better idea or know how to do it quickly (I'll search that today).

Regarding the video driver.
Whenever I logout back to kdm the graphics get all messed up (like this http://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?f=190&t=86767&start=40#p520188 - it's not me there but I think that person uses the NVIDIA driver too). One doesn't even need to log back in as the windows are filled with black already in kdm's shutdown dialogue for instance.
I would like to confirm if it's really an issue with the NVIDIA driver and if anyone already has some workaround for it. I suspect the Oxygen style as a culprit but it could be many of KDE's graphics options so that's why I'm asking (I wouldn't like to be changing settings and logout only to find the graphics corrupted, needing then to reboot - maybe restart X would do...).
This happened already with KDE 4.6.5 and didn't change.

Last I have a little tip for upgraders. After upgrade Chrome and Firefox showed all black tooltips and I solved that by selecting Appearance -> Colours in the System Settings and disabling the checkbox "Apply colours to non-KDE4 applications".


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