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Re: hard plasma crash while using video player on 4.7.2

Hi list,
I am the other user Michael refers to. After a lot of testing, the only candidate left was libdrm-intel1. Downgrading to testing fixed it for me. Checking for bug-report reveals http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=651316. So, KDE is innocent in this case.


2011/12/8 Michael Strobel <strobel.m@googlemail.com>
Hello everyone,

today i upgraded my experimental kde 4.7.2 (see upgrade.txt) which
causes reproducible hard plasma crashes after starting video playback:

step 1:

start video with vlc/mplayer/dragonplayer

step 2:

video starts playing for 1 or 2 seconds

step 3:

hard crash and kdm shows up

the only error message that turns up on dmesg is:

"[   68.352598] python[2049]: segfault at 40 ip 00007fe07d5ad675 sp
00007fff9e08ef18 error 4 in libQtCore.so.4.7.3[7fe07d421000+297000] "

at least one in #debian-kde has got the same problem, so i think it
isn't a hardware problem of my machine. And i'm quite sure it's related
to the upgrade since the playback worked fine this morning.




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