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Re: Get wirless working

On Tue, 2007-05-15 at 12:43 -0700, DavidDutch1964 wrote:
> I love debian. I guess we all do here.
> Recently, thoguh, I had to switch to Kubuntu =only= because wireless on my laptop JUST
> I have an HP zt3000 with one of those Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG wireless cards built in.
> It has been horrible to try to get working despite any instructions found on the
> Internet. The instruction on the site for this (http://ipw2200.sourceforge.net/) was
> tricky as it only focused on getting that one piece working and not networking as a
> whole.
> DistroWatch (http://distrowatch.com/) has had ubuntu at the top of their list going back
> to 2005 - its ashame when I know that debian is really the heart and soul of dopey
> ubuntu. 
> Im sure debian would shoot to the top of the list if a few more things (like wireless) 
> "just worked" like it does with my Kbuntu.
> Couldn't someone work on this problem for debian - or talk to the ubuntu people to get a
> copy to be included in the next release and apt sources?
> Somethings I don't mind figuring out and there is a great sense of accomplishment; but
> getting wireless working is not one of them.
> ~david (and many other debian users I talk to)
Noob 1st time poster: I too love Debian and use it as my main OS on my box. I also had Etch running on my IBM T43 and 
actually got the ipw2200 working till a kernel upgrade came through and then I lost wireless and being a noob I 
couldn't get it going again :-)
I tried Linux Mint (Cassandra) and only one click got my wireless working.
All the Beryl things work out of the box too. And the T43 doesn't have Nvidia.

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