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List 'slug' closed to public posts

Notice --

A message was recently received from your email address, addressed to
the mailing list SLUG.  Our list server does not recognize you as
a list member (as identified by email address).  Messages from
non-members are "moderated", which means that your message will be
posted after it has been approved by the list administrator.  The
reason for this policy is to prevent solicitations (spam) from being
posted to the list.

Because of the time required for the moderator to approve your
message, there may be a delay before it gets posted.  To avoid such
delays in the future, you may join the list by sending mail to SLUG-Request
at the host AI.SRI.COM with "Subscribe" as the subject.  If
you wish, you may join immediately, and then repost this message after
you receive your membership acknowledgment.

If you believe this message is in error, contact the list administrator
at the address of  SLUG-Admins at the host AI.SRI.COM


SLUG list administrator

Listar v1.0.0 - job execution complete.

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