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Warning: Possible Virus Infection

This is an automatic message from the Guinevere 
Internet Antivirus Scanner. 
A message was received from you with a subject of  HI 
The message was addressed to peter@bangalore.imrglobal.com. 
 The message probably contains a virus. 
You will want to consult with your system administator on how 
to deal with this. 
************** Confidentiality Notice ************

Proprietary/Confidential Information belonging to
CGI may be contained in this message. If you are
not a recipient indicated or intended in this
message (or responsible for delivery of this
message to such person), or you think for any
reason that this message may have been addressed
to you in error, you may not use or copy or deliver
this message to anyone else. In such case, you
should destroy this message and kindly notify the
sender by reply email.

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