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space between characters in KDE programs

I've got the same problem Manu had

I've upgraded Debian Sid today Sunday 23 March 2003,
I was surprised by the antialiased fonts , i tried to remove that in
KPersonalizer but nothing change.
And i've got problem with all fixed fonts (eg : Fixed [Misc]), i see
space between each characters displayed, other fonts work fine.

Manu said


I have updated debian sid last thursday and since I can't use fonts like Nexus 
or Outcast with KDE. When I select one of this fonts it appears like an 
helvetica font scheme with a big space size between each characters. I tried 
to switch on and off antialiasing systeù but nothing changes.

Something strange, is that I wasn't able to use antiliasing before this 
update, when I chose it, nothing happened. Is there a link between the two 
things ?

I just want to know if others have the same problème in order to submit a bug 
report ?


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