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Re: two questions about localisation of kde

>From Wolfgang Mader on Sunday, 2003-03-02 at 14:36:16 +0100:
> hello,
> i wondered how to type scpecial characters like you have in france or spain. 
> for example the e with graph.

Three possible solutions:


setxkbmap fr (french)
setxkbmap es (spanish)
setxkbmap de (german)


If you have set up your keyboard with deadkeys, then
you can achieve the same effect by first typing ` and 
then e or ~ followed by n.


There is a program that allows you to change keyboards
with the click of a mouse.  It is a KDE program that
lives on the panel and used to be called "international 
keyboard".  I am not sure what it is called now.


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