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Mouse problem

While this is not totally a KDE3 problem, I am still going to post this 
problem here as posts to various other Debian and X lists haven't turned up a 
solution.  The problem is, after a period of working perfectly the range of 
the mouse pointer shifts to the right.  In other words, when moving the mouse 
to the left edge of the screen, it stops about 3/4 inch from the actual edge 
of the displayed desktop.  Moving it to the right allows it to move completely
out of view, off the right side of the desktop.  More annoying, the pointer 
is physically off by the same amount.  For example, to use the top menu bar 
on an app, the pointer is over 'edit' to activate then 'file' menu.  Where 
ever the on screen pointer is, what it is actually acting on what is about 
that 3/4 inch to the left of where it is.  The only way I've found to correct 
it is to reboot.  Completly stopping X and restarting has no effect, at X 
restart the problem is still there.  The text mode mouse (gpm) seems to be 
fine. The problem started after upgrading to X 4.01, and seems to occur
more frequently on a couple machines that have the 'experimental' KDE3
installed.  Although the problem does show up on 2 machines that have
all 'stable' woody installed as well.  Sometimes the machine is up and 
running for hours before the problem happens, other times it occurs within 
minutes of starting an X session.  I can see no connection to a certain app 
or event that brings it on.  The mouse in all cases is a standard PS2 mouse.
I am presently trying running twm and enlightenment desktops to see if I can 
reproduce the problem there.  So far it hasn't appeared, but that's not to say
it won't happen based on the intermittency of the problem.   Any suggestions
are appreciated!


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