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To all those who asked about xmmsarts: 0.4-20 will be uploaded shortly,
based partly on David's 0.4-19 (http://ftp.es.debian.org/~ender/), thank
you David! :-)

Summary: this uses the new libarts1, but still uses g{lib,tk} 1.2.
The changelog looks like this:

xmmsarts (0.4-20) unstable; urgency=low

  * The "sorry this took so long" release...
  * Acknowledged some of this from David, thanks! :-)
  * Leaving g{lib,tk} build-deps at 1.2 for now, as it's not actually
    ported: the reason it still builds ok with the build-deps changed to
    2.0 is because 1.2 is present anyway because we need xmms-dev (xmms
    itself still uses 1.2).
  * Added scriptage from autotools-dev to ensure up-to-date copies of
    config.sub and config.guess

 -- Chris Boyle <cmb@debian.org>  Wed, 17 Jul 2002 00:30:36 +0100

That's my understanding of things about the build-deps anyway... someone
(on debian-kde?) please correct me if I'm wrong! :-)

Chris Boyle - Debian Developer (cmb) - aewm++, sapphire, xmmsarts
GPG: B7D86E0F, MSN: chrisb@wincoll.ac.uk, ICQ: 24151961,
AIM: kerneloops, Yahoo: kerneloops, IRC: cmb on openprojects.net

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