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Re: Just how long does it take to compile?

On Tue 16 Jul 2002 18:34, Jaye Inabnit ke6sls wrote:
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> On Tuesday 16 July 2002 06:15 am, John Gay wrote:
> > Well, it seems the consensus is about a week?!? Being out of work at the
> > moment, I've got nothing but time. There have also been a few
> > suggestions, which I'll give my answers to and maybe someone can
> > enlighten me in the errors of my ways ;-)
> > As for compiling on my dual PII 350 and copying over. Yes, I've got a
> > network connection so connectivity is not an issue. The two things I am
> > worried about are:
> >
> > 1) How can I compile this on my current, working KDE2 system without
> > screwing it up. Every time I've tried playing with such things, I've
> > alway been bitten, 999 times bitten, once shy.
> One way is to add a new partition to your system and install a debian base,
> source, compiler and begin your task.
Since I've two hard drives, hda and hdb and a CD-RW and DVD in hdc and hdd, 
I'd have to go to SCSI drives to add any more. Also, my current disks are 
FULL! I really need to delete a few things ;-)

> A second way, and one that was fun to see on my own box, is using fakeroot,
> debootstrap,  and chroot(?).  Early versions of kde3 were compiled on this
> computer in this *new* environment.  It actually installs a new version of
> Debian, in a protected environment.  A user then can become a fakeroot user
> and apt-get all the stuff needed to build packages.  I don't recall all the
> binaries that are needed, but I know that there is at least one hacker that
> does, and reads this list!
This sounds more interesting, but again, I just want to build pure binaries, 
not deb's. I suppose I could still use the fakeroot route, but again, I'd 
need to free up some space.

> > 2) As my system is PII and the target is PentiumMMX I'm not sure exactly
> > haw to cross-compile. If I ws willing to take the plunge and upgrade MY
> > desktop, I could compile for my PII and hopefully get a bit of
> > performance improvement, but I would need to compile for the PentiumMMX
> > in the target box. It seems simpler, but slower, just to compile on the
> > target in the first place. I know(think?) that it will optimise for the
> > Pentium rather than the 386 compatible deb's for a bit of performance?
> This is a compiler option.  As far as I know, all binary packages in debian
> are built for a 386 (for intels).  When you are ready to build, add the
> appropriate string and press ENTER to build for your particular needs.
Yes, but it's also something that is checked during ./configure. So, if I'm 
not mistaken, when I ran ./configure, with the options I wanted, it noticed 
it was a PentiumMMX and set some variable in the Makefile's for this. Teh 
compiling seems to be set for 586 rather than 386. Of course if I had 
compiled this on my box, it would have been set to 686 instead.

I think, for the time being, I'll just keep going on the Pentium box, since 
kdelibs is about 12 hours along and qtlibs took about 30 odd hours. I'll be 
building most of the modules, 
1) because I'm a glutton for punishment.
2) I want to see them on my Daughters new box.
> > 	John Gay
> I hope this helps.
Thanks for the info. I'll probably try this out with something else in the 
future, like when Linux Format puts KDE3.1.0 on CD for me :-)
> tatah and 73
> - --

Also, I've been invited to assist in testing some 3D acceleration stuff for 
XFree86, since one of the developers has a dodgy card. This could be great 
fun in itself!


	John Gay

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