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Re: Fonts in kde 2.1-final

> Hi,
>     Please read the archives next time.  QT 2.3.0b1 only > antialiases the
> fixed set of fonts, you must go to Control Center -> Look and Feel > -> Style
> and disable Antialiasing to get all your fonts back in KDE and KDE > based
> apps.

I don't think it's Qt which does that. I think the problem is that you have to set up your XftConfig file properly (/etc/X11/XftConfig).

In that file, make sure that at least all your directories containing truetype-fonts are listed. Also, perhaps you need to set up some font-aliases if you don't get proper fonts.

I haven't yet come across a proper documentation/manpage descibing me how this file works and what I can set/tweak in this file, and what all the things mean. I modified my file by looking at some examples.
Does anyone know where to get proper documentation for this file?
It would be much appreciated :-)


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