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Re: some true type fonts tips for kde2.1, qt2.3, xf4.02

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> thank you for the instructions, and _especially_ the link to
> fontfreak, but this just basically looks like it is instructions on
> how to set up a True Type Font Server, no?
but you can see the results immediately in kde without restarting kde

> I already have a TTFS running, and I have it set up in the
> XF86Config-4 file to point to unix:7100 for fonts.
under debian it(xfs-xtt) is configured with the port 7110 
the port 7100 is for the xfs
but well you do what you want

> However, I read somewhere that an TTFS was not required with XF86-4,
> you just had to have module <foo> installed, and X would do the font
> thing on their own.  Is this true?
well try remove the   line
     FontPath        "unix/:7110"                    # local 
and put the TrueType font path in the FontPath list
the problem is that I am not sure that X support ttf without the Xfs-xtt server
moreover How will the X server get a list of the fonts(fonts.dir file in each FontPath directory)?
mkfontdir doesn't support ttf !

so I think that you really need to have xfs-xtt running to support ttf

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