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Re: Desktop disappears, everything else works

  Did you choose "kde2" in the kdm menu ? If "default" is selected, what you 
describe is normal, I think (something about launching a session manager vs 
launching a window manager).

Le Vendredi 23 Février 2001 16:04, Robert Guthrie a écrit :
> I've got a strange problem.  This morning, when I logged in through
> kdm, kde started up, but the background was (still is) a neutral
> beige instead of the wallpaper I've been using for months.  Also, no
> desktop icons show up, and no menus show up when I click on the
> desktop area (they should, shouldn't they?)
> I've opened up konqueror, and hit the "Desktop" icon, which shows
> everything that should be ON my desktop.  Looking at the properties
> for that icon, it says that the last time the directory was modified,
> accessed and created was yesterday at the time I logged off
> yesterday.  The rest of my home directory shows normal information
> like a creation date that comes many days/weeks/months before the
> last accessed or modified.  That's my only clue.
> I'm running potato, and using all but the "optional" section from
> kde.rap.ucar.edu.   The only change I can recall making yesterday, is
> removing that optional section from my sources.list file, and
> removing and re-installing ssh, so that it's version would match my
> firewall's ssh version.  Re-adding that section and doing an "apt-get
> update; apt-get dist-upgrade --download-only" gives me the version of
> ssh that I replaced yesterday, and nothing else.
> I've tried stopping kdm and removing all of the /tmp files created by
> kde, but that had no affect.

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