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Re: Kmail won't send?


No bother. BTW, some ISP's are switching to POP3 before SMTP authintication.
This is a non-standardized way to help reduce spamming. Have seen several
posts by irritated people regarding this implementation... So, make sure
you CHECK mail before trying to send mail. Hope your ISP figures out the
problems too.


On Thursday 01 February 2001 12:00, John Gay wrote:
> Seems this was an ISP problem. I couldn't figure out how I could download
> mails but not send them when kmail only uses the one set of username and
> password for both and I had the server nomes and port right. It seems my
> ISP is having random problems accepting mails? Some times it works and
> sometimes it doesn't.
> Sorry for bothering anyone


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