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Our site and debian.org


I am the Webmaster of Ensys Engineering Training in Orlando, Florida.

Ensys, established in 1990 is a leading engineering training provider 
in academic, professional, industrial and governmental markets for 
engineering EIT/PE licensure training programs, continuing engineering 
professional education and engineering licensure renewal courses.

Our site is visited daily by leading organizations, you can see our 
visitors at:

I wanted to let you know that I am planning to place a link in our 
Engineering Portal to debian.org.
There is no cost or fee associated with providing this link to you.

As a leading engineering training provider, we have an expanding, 
global traffic flow of engineering visitors. We are currently 
developing a comprehensive Engineering Portal as a service to our 
visitors. This will offer you free targeted traffic and free exposure 
to your site.

Please send us your complete details including:
and select your listing category and subcategory in our portal.
Feel free to suggest a category and subcategory which best fits your 

Our Portal has two sections:
1. The Portal Showcase section
2. The Portal Directory section right below the Showcase section.
Your listing will be displayed in the Portal Directory section.
There is no cost to you for this listing.
You can see a sample of these two sections in the 
" Engineering Software " Category.

Our Engineering Portal is accessed from any Ensys webpage, please go to 
our site: www.ensys.net and click on " Portal " at the top of every 

I will use this text to link to your site:
"Debian Mailing Lists -- Index"

This is the description which I have used for your site:
"Debian Mailing Lists -- Index"

Please let me know if the title and description of your listing are 
satisfactory to you. If you wish to change the title and description, I 
will be glad to make any changes per your request.

A link back to our site: www.ensys.net will be greatly appreciated.
Link Category: Education & Training
Link Title: ENSYS Engineering Training 
Link Description:
Ensys, established in 1990 is a leading engineering training provider 
of Engineering EIT/PE Licensure Training Programs, Continuing 
Engineering Professional Education and Engineering Licensure Renewal 

Kind Regards and Best Wishes

Faisal Ali
ENSYS Engineering Training
PMB 408, 4250 Alafaya Trail, Suite 212
Oviedo, FL 32765

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