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Boston, MA, Senior Debian/Ubuntu Systems and Network Engineer

	We are looking for a person to manage our datacenter operations.
Although some networking background would be needed, the strongest
skills are required for system administration and development of Debian
and Ubuntu systems.  Our datacenter operations are entirely run on linux
using either the Ubuntu or Debian distros, with the last of our redhat
servers being phased out shortly.  We are a strong supporter (as a
company) of open source, and routinely return patches for
improvements/fixes back to the community.  

	If anybody knows of (or anybody on this list is) somebody who would be
interested, please don't hesitate to contact me.  The person does need
to be located in the Boston area, or be willing to relocate after a
trail employment period.  

Here are the details of the position:


	Although we don't have any recruiting bonuses or rewards here, I am
able to post up a $500 donation to an open source project (assuming it's
legit) if we ultimately hire a fulltime person either directly from, or
are referred to somebody from the posting on this list.  I'll let the
person who refers me make the decision as to what open source project we
will donate to.  If there's any question about if the requested project
is "legit", we'll make the donation to the FSF.


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