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SUCCESS running JBuilder4 on DebianPPC

Hi everybody,

I just wanted to report my experience, in case someone would be interested.

I succeded installing and running JBuilder4 on my new Tibook/DebianPPC

The steps are :

1) Install jsdk1.3 from www.blackdown.org

there is sufficient docs on it, but if someone needs help, I can try to
answer, although I'm not a guru (rather a meditating guru instead :-)

I installed it to /usr/local/j2sdk1.3, where I think it deserves.

2) Install JBuilder4

I had to copy the cd to a tmp directory (~/jbinst), because I couldn't
execute from cd. I think it has to do with the way you mount the cd driver,
but I don't know exactly and didn't want to bother.

The main installer (~/jbinst/install_linux) didn't work (stopped after a
while, not giving any more info), so you have to install it part by part,
as explained in jb4 doc.

So go into ~/jbinst/linux_sol.
Then run the first installer part : ./fnd_linux_install.bin LAX_VM

Note you have to give the full path to the java executable (otherwise, jb4
tries to use it's own i386 java).

Do the same with doc_install.bin and smp_install.bin (docs and sample

3) Configure jb4 to use your ppc java vm.

Edit ~/jbuilder4/bin/jdk.config.
Set the javapath line to /usr/local/j2sdk1.3/bin/java

4) Enter your licence key.

jb4 foundation is free (I mean you don't have to pay :-). Go to
www.borland.com, answer a few questions and get your free key.
run ~/jbuilder4/bin/jbuilder
Give you key (nb : I couldn't type number on my keybord, I had to hit
num_lock and use the numpad to type in numbers).

And run jb4 !!!! It's quite speedy IMO, user friendly, and Enhydra Tools
work with it... Cool !
Next step for me is to install Enhydra jars and test my application. If it
runs, I will be able to go on developping it when I'm on travel, impressing
the girls with my shiny Tibook :-)

Only Linux makes it possible (TM :^)

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