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Re: installation report PC-9821Lt2/3A (was Re: Debian on a NEC PC98)

Werner Heuser <werner.heuser@web.de> writes:

> with permission from Olaf I have put his report into a HTML page at
> http://mobilix.org/nec_pc98_laptop.html
> I will announce it to Linux-on-Laptops now.
> BTW: Some links from the original posting seem to be broken. I hadn't
> time to provide better links yet.

Sorry about that.  Something gone wrong cutting and pasting, I guess.
The correct links are


for the boot floppies and


for the grub replacement.  I used the 2001/11/12 version which is at


BTW, I just upgraded the machine to woody over the weekend (great fun
without a network connection! :-) and when I have some time will write
that up as well.  The next step will probably be installing X (that is
if disk space permits; maybe I'll just make it ;-).
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