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Re: "apt-get install postfix" ....

Il giorno Thursday 19 August 2004, alle 22:51, lupin(R) scrisse:
| Ma voi debianisti cosa usate se vi servono software aggiornati a scopo
| desktop (multimedia, montaggio video etc...)?

 [ ] testing/sarge (prossima stable)
 [X] unstable


Non so se lo hai gia' messo, ma su unstable e molto "comodo" (essenziale
direi) apt-listbugs:

gianni@agarthi:~$ apt-cache show apt-listbugs
Package: apt-listbugs
Priority: optional
Section: admin
Installed-Size: 296
Maintainer: Masato Taruishi <taru@debian.org>
Architecture: all
Version: 0.0.40
Depends: ruby (>= 1.8), libdpkg-ruby1.8, apt, libzlib-ruby1.8,
Suggests: reportbug, debianutils (>= 2.0) | www-browser | w3m
Filename: pool/main/a/apt-listbugs/apt-listbugs_0.0.40_all.deb
Size: 64116
MD5sum: 9e9d1a5159aa938e7f3aa43e168fdc4e
Description: Lists critical bugs before each apt installation
 apt-listbugs is a tool which retrieves bug reports from the Debian
 Bug Tracking System and lists them. Especially, it is intended to
 be invoked before each upgrade/installation by apt in order to check
 whether the upgrade/installation is safe.
 Most of Debian developers use the unstable version of Debian
 and some users also use it because the version is the latest
 snapshot which includes many new features and packages.
 apt is a great convenient tool to follow your system to the latest
 version easily. On the other hand, the feature also makes your system
 break easily. If a package is broken and uploaded to the Debian unstable,
 the package will be installed on many Debian system soon.
 This tool aims to make the broken upgrade as save as possible. You can
 check whether the upgrade is safe or not just before the upgrade.


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