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Support for NAT in Bind?

Hi all,

I have two nameservers in the same LAN, both source and
destination NATed to the Internet.

            | master | slave
private IP  |  A     |  B
external IP |  X     |  Y

For most of the zones they serve, they are the only authorative
nameservers for.

Now, the following happens when I change a zone on master:
 1) master sends a NOTIFY to Y
 2) after that is NATed by the router, slave receives the NOTIFY from X
 3) since I have "masters { A; }" in all zones, slave connects to A to
    get an AXFR
 4) master (A) sends back the AXFR to B
 5) slave, since it now has an updated zone, sends out NOTIFY to Y

How do I let bind know that Y NATs to B, so that it won't send a
spurious NOTIFY to itself in (5)?

Also, it would be nice to somehow make master send NOTIFY to B instead
of Y in (1), so that I can keep the communication inside the LAN.


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