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Jaime Jr. wrote:

Winner after Winner!  That's what we Bring to our Readers!

What happens when that perfect small cap issue releases astounding news 
and gets a massive PR campaign behind it?  It Takes Off!!!

Irwin Resources (IWRS)
Last      $0.50
Target  $1.50

Do not miss this one.  These small caps Really Fly when people take 
notice, and Believe us they are going to take notice this Wednesday!

In a previous life I used to identify, isolate and repair software defects in a fault tolerant environment.  
My suggestion is to run a test major tournament using BOTS and SUT.  
All software gets tested.  
Who in the hell do you think you are, Mike Sexton is a proffesional player, as well as a savvy business man.  
> Multiple, multiple upgrades that don't do anything.  
Mike is on the payroll, he gets paid to take the heat.  
My first impression is that the testing is occurring in the field and that the software is encountering many failures. 
He is also apparently the unoffiicial or official RGP liaison.  
> Why?  Why I ask?  Do you ask why?   
Where do I get my experience to make such suggestions?  
> Let me give you a little advice about running your site.   

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