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You have lied as far as my winnings I have given what I was supposed to and that information is crucial to my identity..I was sent an email that I won at my other email address that NOONE knew..I didnt believe it was a hoax.. I believed it so much that I have given my bank account my ,drivers licence, and other crucial information.I even called the NL to speak with Mr Freeman which cost me a good deal of money,and he has also called me.I was asked about a fee and I did contact the  NL ministries they said if a statement was made that I would pay fees after my check was recieved it was all good THEY ASKED ME FOR YOUR INFORMATION AND I DID NOT SEND IT FOR THE REQUEST OF KEEPING MY CONFIDENTIALITY.If I do not recieve the so called winnings within a 2 weeks I will contact the FBI AND FOWARD THE INFORMATION AND COPY OF THE SO CALLED 1 MILLION DOLLAR CHECK.I am a diabetic who relys on much medication to live so each dollar I have I need.I should hope no crimes were committed!!! and if it is real I suppose I am impatient...If this is real then except my apologies

Your so-called winner
Lori Berti

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