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Re: Fixed (hardisk) device names?

the ordering of IDE drives is dependant upon master/slave. IE /dev/hda is ALWAYS the master on the first IDE controller, /dev/hdb is ALWAYS the slave on the first IDE controller. If your drives are shifting around that's something else doing it.

With IDE you're kinda screwed.  With SCSI devfs uses more descriptive names.

you could try using MD in a mirrored RAID pair. then root would be /dev/md0 and it would handle the mirroring....boot blocks are harder but the dd method does work (but it's dog slow)

You have to reboot (or do some IOCTL magic) to get partition changes to show up in Linux,and don't even think about using dd between a pair of drives that aren't totally inactive, you'll end up with total garbage.

--On Wednesday, March 31, 2004 07:54 +0200 Arnd Vehling <av@nethead.de> wrote:


does anyone know how to fix the device name on a debian linux
system? For example. If i have two IDE hardisks, the devices will
be named like this.


If i now must remove the first harddisk (/dev/hda) the second (/dev/hdb)
will be renamed to (/dev/hda) after the reboot. As i want /dev/hdb to be
a mirror of /dev/hda and used as failover disk _without_ opening the
case and tampering with the IDE bus setup, i want linux to keep the name
/dev/hdb for the drive no matter what happens.

Is this possible?

Another question. How can i copy two identical discs _including_ the boot
block? "dd if=/dev/hda of=/dev/hdb" doesn't do it and there are no raw
devices on linux AFAIK.



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