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Re: realtime email backup across computer centers

At 14:40 Uhr +0200 13.05.2003, Markus Oswald wrote:
 > I think all mail must be forwarded from server A to B (and must be
 acknowledged from B) before server A acknowleges incomming mail.

You could use DRBD to have your spool-directory mirrored.(...)

The only real problem I see (...) split-brain

I'm thinking about mail mirroring as well. I'd prefer a solution on the single email level (like Maildir files), so even in case of a split brain situation it's not tragical, in the sense that one could still merge Maildir files from servers a and b after they are reconnected to each other. One way to mirror "files" (individual mails) would be to store each as a row in a mysql db and set up db replication.

I think it would be really easy to make qmail deliver to such a mirrored store, it should be enoug to write a qmail-local replacement or even just use a '| my_deliver_to_mirrored_maildirs' delivery command.

But I don't know if there are any IMAP (and POP3) servers offering a similar level of openness. Hints? - One could write a virtual filesystem using AVFS, but that would involve a bit of work and might involve more layers than one would wish.

There are db mail solutions, but I didn't like (or trust) what I've seen so far; but maybe that would still make more sense.


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