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PP Press Inks, Big-bags.


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Cebeci Cad. No:115  34100 Küçükköy-ISTANBUL

Tel: 0090-212-4772737   Fax: 0090-212-5380025

E-Mail: dursun_tanis@mynet.com


Datum : 29.04.2003 Dinistag.


Dear  Mr. Shaw,




Thank  you  for  your  e-mail  dated  25.04.2003.I will be gleased  to  meet  you  soon,  however  I  am  very  busy  at  the  present  time.



         Ýnitially  I  can  send  you  a  sample/s  hat  meets  with  your  reqvirements  mast  if  you  send  the  specifications  of  your  big  bags  which  you  use.


         Please  also  ihdicate  your  full  address  ih  your  reply.


         I  look  forwarol  to  hear  from  you  soon.


Best Regards,


Dursun Tanis

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