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Re: Qmail+Spamassasin

Actualy its quite easy to get spamassassin to work with qmail, install and 
run spamassassin as a deamon (spamd), and insert something like:
  |ifspamh example-com-isspam
in top of the users dot-qmail file ex. .qmail-example-com
then create .qmail-example-com-isspam and modify it to your needs.
There is several ways to make it work, but this method works well for me :)


On Tuesday 25 February 2003 13:16, Jasper Metselaar wrote:
> Hi,
> Is there someone who's using Spamassasin together with Qmail (Gerrit
> Pape's packages)? I am trying to get this combination working, but didn't
> succeed yet.If someone knows a good how-to document I would be very
> grateful.
> Thanks in advance!
> - Jasper

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