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Re: Mail server

We have one machine that is currently handleing about that  many users.
It runs Debian 3.0 stable, sendmail, spamassassin (if anyone has a
better spam fillter let me know), imap and pop, and the load average is
rarely above 0.7. Most of  the load comes from spamassassin.  Which
seems to be normal.  At the moment that machine is a Duron 900 with 60GB
worth of disk space adn 750MB RAM.  60GB is complete overkill for only
1000 users unless you are planing on giving them huge mail boxes.  Which
I wouldn't advise. Personaly I run cucipop because it seems a very fast
pop server.  At the moment I am running uw-imapd as we have few inap
clients and the sposed speed isues that that server have I have not
noticed.  As I said, the most cpu hungry app is the spam filtering.


On Tue, 2003-02-25 at 03:27, Asher Densmore-Lynn wrote:
> Can anyone give me any figures on how much machine I need to serve as a 
> mail server for N users?
> I appreciate that every server is unique, but I can't judge these things 
> for the life of me, and if I had baseline numbers I could modify them to 
> suit. \:
> I'm looking at a thousand users, but anything would help.
> -- 
> Asher Densmore-Lynn <jesdynf@almostcosmic.com>

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