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Re: Disconnected IMAP, possible?

More easyly solvable by policy.....

Operative Instructions for Disconected  Mail Service:

1.- Open your client
2.- Create a local folder called "Emergency Local"
3.- Copy all mails you want acailable for operations while disconected
to Emergency Local. REMEMBER, if you dont copy them, you cannot access
it while disconected.

But you can also:
1.- Put a debian local server with imap capabilities.
2.- Fetchmail from the remote server (im assuming this cause of the way
you described the importance of disconnected operations).
3.- Offer imap in local network for all "fetched" messages. You can
never disconnect (if your network infrastructure is worth more than 10
bucks). Its in the local network.

El vie, 14 de 02 de 2003 a las 10:30, Fraser Campbell escribió:
> Hi,
> Are there email clients in Windows that will support disconnected IMAP 
> operation?
> Basically our client would like to use IMAP for all of it's advantages but 
> they'd also like to have messages cached on the local machine so that in 
> disconnected situations they can still read/search their email.
> I'd always thought this was possible but so far I haven't found the options to 
> enable it, mail seems only to be available while connected to the server.
> Do other clients (Eudora, Outlook, Netscape, ???) support a feature such as 
> this?
> Thanks
> -- 
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> Brampton, Ontario, Canada                        Linux 2.4.20 AuthenticAMD
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