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Re: Subscriber Management System

I have that I have been using that is a *heavily* modified version of the
opensource billing system called gcdb.  That project is posted on
sourceforge and last I checked hadn't been updated since aug 2001.  I sent
mail to the author letting him know I had a ton of improvements and
requested that I become a developer but I never had a response back.  It is
now getting close to be able to be released again as a new minor version.
It also now integrates with verisign payflow for credit card processing.
Anyone is welcome to see it or try it out.  If you want to see a quick demo
I have it setup right now on a test site at:

uid: admin
pwd: admtst


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> Hi all,
> Can any of you give me some recommendations on free/non-free subscriber
> management systems?
> Ciao
> Charl
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